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    I know i registered back in 2008 and i don't think i ever posted, but thought i would say hi O.o

    The RetroBoot news brought me here, i had actually forgotten about this site.

    Anyhow it is nice to see the forum still alive, still with the same admin and not having been sold to some money grabbing company that would plaster it full of ad's.

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    Hello, great to see to see you here - I was once a lurker for a long time until I noticed a message on the board saying you've not posted something, step out and get posting! Yes, this site is just about floating right now, old wraggs is doing what he can to keep it all going!

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    Hey GregoryRasputin! Not sure if this counts as internet stalking but oh well. I'm from 2008 as well. W00t!

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