Super Smash Bros Ultimate has sold faster than any other home console game in Nintendo's history.
Nintendo revealed that Smash Bros' debut on the Switch had sold 12.08 million units since it launched on December 7, 2018. According to Shuntaro Furukawa, the company's president, that's "the fastest start for any title on any Nintendo home console ever."
Indeed, in Japan, Smash Bros Ultimate surpassed the lifetime sell-through of the most popular game in the series' history in just four weeks.
"This latest Super Smash Bros title is like a giant gathering of everyone who has ever had access to Nintendo games at any stage in their lives during the 35 years that Nintendo has been continuously producing video games," Funkawa told investors.
"As a result, we're seeing a change in consumer demographics as people across a wide variety of age groups are all playing Super Smash Bros."