Twitch continues to lead the way in games-based livestreaming with viewers racking up more than nine billion hours watching broadcasts on the site last year.
The figure comes from the latest State of the Stream report by StreamElements, which shows Twitch's 9.36 billion hours was well ahead of both YouTube Live and Mixer combined.
However, YouTube Live is on the rise, holding gamers' attention for 2.31 billion hours -- roughly 25% of Twitch's total. Mixer remains a distant third 167.96 million hours viewed (just 2% of Twitch's hours).
Both platforms are showing remarkable growth. YouTube's hours watched grew by 414.5 million, a year-on-year increase of 104% and not far short of the 506 million hours Twitch grew by (up 25% year-on-year).
Mixer's hours watched rose by 39.6 million over the course of 2018, a year-on-year improvement of 179%.
Looking at Twitch specifically, it will come as no surprise that Fortnite was the most viewed game of the year, with over one billion hours watched. This is 373 million more hours than League of Legends, the second most popular game.
Fortnite reached its peak viewing hours of 399.5 million during the second quarter, around the time that attention on the game was at its highest thanks to its arrival on mobile and increased coverage from the mainstream media.
It declined by the end of the year, down roughly 15% to 340.1 million for Q4. However, this still isn't as low as Q1 2018, which racked up roughly 220 million hours viewed.