New from Voxel9

Current version: 1.0.0

This is a recreation of the famous Killer Whale Cursor flash app for the Nintendo Switch, using libnx and a couple of other libraries.
However, this particular recreation contains a couple of extra enhancements and features compared to the original:

Use of motion tracking with the right joy-con and/or touch input to make the Killer Whale follow the cursor
Ability to reset cursor position by pressing Y
Ability to toggle between a front and rear view of the whale (basically changing the draw order) by pressing X
Toggle on-screen text for full screen visibility by pressing B
Customize motion sensitivity, whale movement speed, and "flexibility" (how fast the individual segments follow eachother)
Customizable whale diffuse color, as well as background color

Some current planned features I'm looking to implement for the next release:

Loading custom backdrop graphics from the microSD card
Slightly more accurate motion tracking

Make sure to run this through the NSP version of HBL; launching via Album has some graphical issues due to constraints, and thus isn't supported.