endrift also offers version 0.7.0 of " mGBA ", port of its Game Boy Advance emulator for nintendo 2DS / 3DS.

Changes from 0.7 beta 1 Libretro

: Add Gameboy cheat support
Qt: Separate Fast Forward Volume Control (Fixed # 846, # 1143)
Switch: Rumble Support
Switch: Rotate Support
Switch: Screen Stretching Options
Qt: State File Load / Save Menu Options
Windows install
Tile viewer now has adjustable width
Python: Experimental audio


3DS API : Fix unused screens not clearing (fixed # 1184)
Core: Remember to deinit proxy FIFO
Core: Reroot timing list when (de) scheduling
GB, GBA: Fix broken
MBC: Fix MBC30 SRAM (Fix # 1191)
GB, GBA Savedata: Fix leaks when loading masked save (fixed # 1197)
GB Video: Fix SGB border hole size
GB Video: Changing LYC while LCDC off does not affect STAT (fixed # 1224)
GBA: Fix GB Player features
GBA I / O: SOUNDCNT_HI is readable when sound is off
GBA Savedata: Fix EEPROM writing codepath when savetype is not
GBA EEPROM Video: Fix caching with background toggling (fixed # 1118)
Libretro: Fix adding codes with hooks
PSP2: Fix audio crackling after fast forward
PSP2: Fix audio crackling when the buffer is full
Qt: Fix the problem with the
Qt: Fix FPS counter on Windows
Qt: Fix focus issues with the load / save state overlay
Switch: Fix incorrect
caching for fast forward cap Wii: Fix drawing caching regression (fixed # 1185)
PSP2: Fix tearing issues (fixed # 1211)
Qt: Fix analog mapping triggers (fixed # 495)
Qt: Grab focus when game starts (fixed # 804)
Qt: Ensure FATAL logs reach log view
SDL: Fix handling of invalid gamepads (fixed # 1239)


CMake: Fix libswresample version dependencies (fixed # 1229)
Debugger: Minor text fixes
Debugger: Readability improvements (fixed # 1238)
GB : Improved SGB2 support
GB Audio: Skip frame if enabled when clock is high
Libretro: Reduce rumble callbacks
mGUI: Add SGB border configuration option
mGUI: Add Support for different types of settings
Python API Minor improvements
Qt: Ensure camera picture is valid
Qt: Debugger console history