derrekr has ported Sonic Robo Blast 2 to the Nintendo 3ds

Hey there!
Without further ado...

Latest Release (3dsx and CIA):



HUGE performance increase thanks to mipmapping
stereoscopic 3D rendering
initial CIA support
fixed graphics glitch that was caused by uninitialized GPU shadow state registers
fixed fog color
fixed hole in GFZ2
fixed crash when DSP firmware is missing
... other miscellaneous fixes

v1.0 beta

Initial release


Download the srb2_3ds archive from the latest release on Github and extract the files to /3ds/srb2_3ds on your SD card.
Download SRB2's game files here or from and extract them to /3ds/srb2_3ds as well. You may also copy the files to the root directory, but make sure config.cfg is located in the same directory as the game files.

Only New3DS is supported at the moment.
Please check the repo's README.