rsn8887 offers version 1.13 of " Mirrormagic ", port of Amiga (1989) " Mirror Magic " by Holger Schemel for the nintendo Switch.

** Mirrormagic ** is a game by Holger Schemel in the tradition of Deflektor and Mindbender. You guide a laser beam by adjusting the mirrors before the time limit runs out.

Installation (Switch)

extract and to the folder / switch / on your sd card. You should have such contacts / switches / rocksndiamonds / levels and / switch / mirrormagic / levels and more. Make sure none of the folders has the "archive" flag set after copying.

copy rocksndiamonds.nro to / switch / rocksndiamonds / and mirrormagic.nro to / switch / mirrormagic /

use hblauncher or any other method of choice to start the games.

1.13 (Switch only)

on Switch, automatically turning on / off VSync on / deselecting Game Speed: 60 fps mode


crash when loading levelscounts that change screenmode, such as "Supaplex (Original)"
on Switch, slow-down when pressing home switch button
, use 1080p resolution when docked