As of right now, Zombiebound Reloaded, which is the successor of Zombiebound by the same developer, has the following features:

  • There are 4 weapons namely a pistol, a pump-action shotgun, a semi-automatic shotgun and an AK-47
    • The latter 3 are to be bought through in-game points while the pistol is always available and has unlimited ammo

  • Good performance with no lag and short load timesA pretty good controls scheme that uses the right trigger for shooting

  • It comes with two levels
    • These are named Farmhouse, which is a small map, and Abandoned Store which is a medium-sized map which is good if you like it when things get a bit hectic

To grab Zombiebound Reloaded, check out this link and install the VPK you download from it; the VPK is 94MB large so itíll take a while to install. Zombiebound Reloaded is also vailable on VitaDB but VHBB crashed on my PSVita when I chose the Zombiebound Reloaded store item so your mileage may vary.
VitaHEX has said in a Patreon post that he plans to add more features to the game so make you sure you stay tuned for future updates to Zombiebound Reloaded if youíre a fan of tearing zombies to shreds