It seems that Rinnegatamante never quite gets tired of developing stuff for the PSVita and this time, he brought us vitaQuake II 2.0 which takes this 1997 game to a whole new level! Among the new features that vitaQuake II version 2.0 brings along, we find:

  • Support for high resolution texture packs so that you can play Quake II with textures that are much more detailed(Texture pack used is this one)

    • These will surely lengthen load times and might hit performance so expect these to happen when using higher resolution texture packs.

  • Textures in TGA and JPG format are now supported which means that many mods found online can be installed
  • Official mission packs can now be played on vitaQuake II so you can get more Quake II action if that’s your thing!
    • There are 2 official mission packs which are called The Reckoning and Ground Zero

  • The keyboard in the Quake II console is now accessible by pressing SELECT while in-game
  • Better performance thanks to optimisation of rendering code, reduced memory usage and improved analogue stick accuracy

Thankfully, VitaHEX and Rinnegamante are still working on cool stuff and it seems that the former is currently experimenting with a Silent Hill clone made with Unity and the latter is hard at work porting Super Mario War to hacked Vita and PSTV consoles!
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