ArgonNX is a payload that enables you to load other payloads, without needing to reconfigure your playload injectors (be it a dongle or a programme like TegraGUI). It is essentially a GUI that allows you to easily boot various other payloads, similar to Hekate’s playload launch option.
Thanks to the recent Atmosphère CFW update, which added the reboot to payload function, you could change the default reboot_payload.bin to ArgonNX’ payload, which would enable you to switch to another CFW on the fly, without requiring a dongle or proper payload injection via an external device.
Changelog v0.3:
– No need to create argon/touch file in order to use touch input. Fully touch support comes by default.
– For performance reasons background now must be vertical positioned (maximum size of 720×1280).
– Using double buffering approach to render the menu.
You can grab the newest version of ArgonNX from GitHub by downloading the argon-nx.bin and the ZIP file.