This modded version of Vita Homebrew Browser has one main aim and that is to use a source other than VitaDB as its homebrew repository. VHBB was created by devnoname120 but this mod was made by Davis Nunez who is part of Team ONELua, a team of programmers whose software is banned from VitaDB.
With this modded version of VHBB, lots of homebrew like those created with ONELua will get the exposure they deserve

From my experience with it on FW 3.60, I could discern the following:

  • This version of VHBB can be installed alongside the normal VHBB application as it has a different TITLEID so you’ll be able to use both of them at the same time
  • The Wiki Homebrew Vita, which this version of VHBB uses as its source, has significantly less homebrew on it compared to VHBB
    • As a result, it’s recommended to keep both versions of VHBB for quite some time since Wiki Homebrew Vita has only around 3 dozen homebrew titles as of writing this article

  • This modded version has an issue in which it sometimes crashes your PSVita when you press O (Circle) when you’re in a homebrew listing to return to the main homebrew list.
    • My PSVita returned the text mode “An error has occurred. The PS Vita system will be powered off” message
    • If you get encounter this, you can hold the power button for a few seconds to power off then reboot your system

How do I get it?

To grab this modded version of VHBB, you have to do the following: