• If you've been keeping up with Atmosphère's development then you probably know its latest stable version has introduced a feature to reboot from Atmosphère into a RCM payload without using a payload injector. You might also remember that the same feature only worked if the console encountered a fatal error or if it was triggered by a homebrew application, as rebooting via the power menu would still send you to either your OFW or RCM depending if you had AutoRCM enabled or not.

    Well, @SciresM had already said back then that this behavior could be changed in the future and it's indeed now possible to do so!
    This new feature is also customizable: you can choose whether to reboot to your own payload, RCM or leave the power menu's reboot function untouched. It should be stressed that the console will not autoboot into CFW after it gets shut down and, of course, you can only make use of this function if you're already running Atmosphère. So like last time, while it's nice that the need to keep a RCM injector with you at all times gets smaller with each commit, you shouldn't say goodbye to your dongles and jigs just yet as this isn't a substitute for a proper warmboot exploit.