• This is a sysmodule/service for Atmosphere that uses IPC's to communicate with its companion NRO, Freeset. This allows you to use any clock speed I've found on the Switch. The only restriction I have put in place is that you must be plugged into an official charger or docked if you are crazy enough to want to use the highest two GPU clock speeds. I am leaving it completely up to you to choose what clock speeds you want to use. Be careful.

    Copy over the contents of the freebird zip to your SD and reboot so Atmosphere loads the module. Once your system has booted, open the homebrew menu and open Freeset. Freeset is used to communicate with the service. If it hangs, something has gone wrong loading or setting up the service. It has a very simple UI for the time being.

    X turns freebird's clock setting feature on and off. Remember to turn this off before putting your system to sleep. I'm working on it™, but it will cause and require you to fully shutdown and restart your Switch if accidentally left on. When on, freebird will check and set the clocks if they don't match what you choose. When turned off, your clock speeds will be reset and no longer forced.

    A sends over the clock speeds shown/chosen from the menu. Up and down change the currently selected option, left and right change speed.

    If I missed anything, don't be afraid to ask. I'm open to suggestions too.

    I'd like to thank @taggen86, @nabelo, @mathew77, @vanraz86, and @Kirby567fan for taking the chances and testing it. Thanks guys!

    Download link: https://gbatemp.net/download/freebird.35566/