Alabama Splash Adventure has posted a new video to talk about the park's 2018 expansion plans. This includes the addition of "The Royal Train'... which really is a train themed tram that rides along the pathways and not a true train on tracks, but it will still move you around the park. They are also adding a Zamperla Rockin' Tug, a Scrambler, a Tilt-A-Whirl and a Yo-Yo.
On top of the five new rides, they are also adding a new high dive show called the Dueling Pirates Show as well as the Splash Island kids slide structure area that was previously announced.
For the wondering, some good comments were posted by Dan Koch on Facebook. When asked about the status of the old log ride, he said that they had no plans to reopen it at this time. The old log flume would require at least $2 million to get up and running again and that it only had the capacity to run 400 guests per hour. Meanwhile that same $2 million could purchase new waterslides capable of thrilling 2,000 guests per hour. So with that logic in mind, he's right... the old log flume just isn't the right choice for the park right now, especially if you factor in the high maintenance costs of a water ride as well. But there is a sliver of hope for the old flume, that "One day...." it could happen. Just not right now.