Good news today for Disneyland fans as Space Mountain was cleared and reopenedon Friday after the investigations over the man who forced his way out of a train in mid-ride were completed. No word on what exactly was determined in the reports, we just hope the OSHA or the insurance companies don’t use this as an excuse to put horse-collar style restraints onto Space Mountain as Splash Mountain was forced in adding lap-bars for a similar reason.

(2/1/19) In a classic “What the Hell?!” moment… a 20 year old man climbed aboard Space Mountain at Disneyland on Tuesday and then once the ride was in motion, managed to “use force” and contort himself free of the [COLOR=#1B8EDE !important]locked[/COLOR] restraints and then climbed out of the train while it was making the slow journey from the station to the top of the [COLOR=#1B8EDE !important]coaster[/COLOR]. I’m unsure if he climbed out in that one dark corridor between the lifts, or if he simply exited during the lift hill itself, but he managed to do it all and was injured in the process.
According to this report the man, whose identity has been withheld, suffers from “cognitive disabilities”. The Space Mountain staff quickly noticed he had climbed out of the train and E-Stopped the ride, and sent cast members into the attraction to locate him and bring him to escort him to safety. Space Mountain now currently closed while DOSH and Cal-OSHA conduct their investigations before clearing the park to reopen the ride.