Remember that cryptic teaser that Oculus and Sanzaru Games (VR Sports Challenge, Marvel Powers United VR) posted last week about an upcoming new game? Well, we now know that game is called Asgard’s Wrath and it’s frankly remarkable that it’s been kept under wraps for so long. In a blog post today Mike Doran, Oculus Studios Executive Producer, outlines the vision for what sounds like an action-adventure RPG built from the ground-up specifically for VR the likes of which we haven’t seen before.
In Asgard’s Wrath you take on the role of a Norse God with the power to inhabit the bodies of mortals. Throughout the 30+ hour adventure you’ll frequently swap back and forth between the perspectives of a towering God with an epic sense of scale and the perspective of on-the-ground mortal warriors to take advantage of the game’s brutal melee combat.