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Thread: 2019 will be my last year on forums!

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    Thumbs down 2019 will be my last year on forums!

    You are probably wondering why you should care what a guy with very few posts has to say, but hear me out please.

    I have been a member of a lot of message boards to do with video games, and since I was a teenager, back in 2003. Over the years, the amount of active members on a lot of them has rapidly declined, and since I have been on a lot of forums, I know that many of them are filled with trolls, corrupt owners and one post wonders. Now, no one hardly posts on forums anywhere online these days, and there are hardly any forums for a specific game any longer. At least not like there was over 10 years ago. The several members that still do sign in, only log in occasionally, but they do not really post much, and a lot of the members on the more well known websites with ugly designs, are just fanboy or girl types, that either seem to forget, or just do not know what made all these video game franchises so great in the first place. They post some stupid nonsense. Which, I mean, is fine. People should always be themselves and not a sheep. But if you try to speak up and give your honest thoughts, this can sometimes happen.

    Resident Evil forums are among the worst out there. Last year, I got banned from one called, because the muppets there disagreed with my opinions. At the time, I posted using the name "Cure Zombrex" and I just could not fathom all the blind love on show from those people, but I did not act like a troll and tell them how to spend their money. I said what I honestly felt and that was that. They ended up banning another member too. Someone called "MisterScott", who they tried to say was me posting under another name. It was not me at all. He just stuck up for me after he witnessed what was going on, and he had enough of their crap as well. He wanted to be deleted. Since then, I have asked to have my accounts deleted too, because what is the point in being involved with idiots that will just bash you and get on with their day? The administrator just said that he requires the original email addresses for these profiles to be removed. Which I think is maybe a lie. This is what they have as their slogan.

    Our community has been around for many years and pride ourselves on offering unbiased, critical discussion among people of all different backgrounds. We are working every day to make sure our community is one of the best.

    There has never been a bigger lie!

    And speaking of idiots, a guy called "Nemesis" has a channel dedicated to reminding everyone of how much Capcom sucks. Well, at least that was how he used to feel about them. He put up so many rant videos over the last 2 years, talking about how Capcom drove people out of the company, and I really think he speaks the truth when it comes to Capcom in general. So I have been following his channel because of that.

    What happened? Some other YouTubers did not like his content last year and so they decided it would be best to take the piss, and mock his content by making criticism videos. So I did not like that behaviour. I will admit, that I said nasty things in response that would fall under racism too, but I was really just defending this guy because I like his videos. After a while, the two guys who had been bashing him, got him to turn against me after they found out I have a page about myself on Encyclopedia Dramatica. There is a part on there about something that happened in real life many years ago, so they used both that and some of my comments, to make me seem like a bad person. But they do not know me as a person. They are all strangers to me.

    Well, now these guys are on the same page. I do not think the two bullies care about Nemesis, but they at least stopped making videos about him. Then they made videos about me too, variably calling me names that include, a nut hugging monkey, a 30-year-old manchild, and making fun of the fact I said I like transgender people.

    I have complained to Google about it, but for some reason, Google will not delete the videos from YouTube, because they fall under the category of parodies and commenting on other members is apparently not a violation of their rules. Yet in some videos, I had been talking about how I captured a mouse and I used a toothbrush, pretending it was a microphone. Once it got more heated, I said some messed up stuff, which is why Nemesis posted to say he did not want to be associated with me.

    But this really just goes to show that message boards are so sad and worthless now. The same with YouTube. I really miss how forums used to be, back in 2004. I am not sure when they started to die off. Now, like I said, no one hardly posts on them at all, and if you look around on Google, you only find message boards that are dead. This was why I thought I had finally hit the jackpot when I came across this Nemesis guy, because I agree with his opinions, and I thought it was great that I had found a guy just like myself at long last. And I really want to know how he got all these followers too.

    I do the same thing. I talk into a camera and upload short films too. Granted, my Scottish accent is hard to follow. But I do the same thing as him, and I stream my games on my PlayStation 4 as well. Yet who follows me? Absolutely nobody. Nobody at all. So opening up a new channel does not mean a thing.

    So, like I said, 2019 is going to be my last year on message boards, and maybe the Internet as a whole. It just affects my mental health being on it all day long. You may think I am taken it too seriously, but I have had issues with being stalked online too, and a lot of bad crap has happened in my life because of people that are linked to these Resident Evil websites. So this is why I feel the way I do. Plus, in general, Resident Evil is not what it was.

    I am thinking that, now may be the best time to end my run as a Resident Evil fan. It is just rubbish now, and I do not see it getting any better. I will let you make up your own mind about the Internet today.

    You can see the rest of their videos here.

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    I kind of really liked Resident Evil 7 myself honestly, But PSVR may have helped that, :/

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    Oh, what a post. I liked reading that but too bad that the Youtube playlist link you posted is dead now, all videos are labeled private so I really don't get what you were talking about... Anyway, thanks for the opinion. I'm just a lurker but I can relate to your opinion. Everything changes, technology evolves and forums should change too or stay in the past.

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