In addition to topping UK charts and EMEAA region charts for its debut week, it should be little surprise that Kingdom Hearts III also won over Japan. The PS4 version of the game sits comfortably at the top of this week's Media Create sales charts, just above Resident Evil 2 on the same platform.
Though it's impossible to tell for certain, it appears that Kingdom Hearts III's debut (including the version bundled with a PS4 Pro) aided hardware sales for both the standard PS4 and especially the PS4 Pro this past week as well, as both numbers are notably higher than they've been in recent weeks.
The remainder of the top ten for Japan are mostly-unsurprising Nintendo contenders that have been hovering in the vicinity of the chart's upper regions for weeks now, though one stand-out is Nelke & the Legendary Alchemists: Ateliers of the New World, which debuted in Japan only last week. The game opened at No.6 on PS4 (its Switch version is at No.11) and is a testament to the popularity of such RPGs in the region.
The top 10 software sellers for the week of January 28, 2019 - February 3, 2019 are shown below, along with hardware sales. The remainder of the chart can be viewed through Media Create.