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Thread: Announcing True Blue Mini, the Game Booster for PSX Classic!

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    Default Announcing True Blue Mini, the Game Booster for PSX Classic!

    • Recently, we got contacted by old PlayStation scene team - True Blue, and they gave us a exclusive details on their new product, True Blue Mini, which add hours of gaming fun to the recently launched PSX Classic by Sony, which sadly ships with very limited set of games, and not so great selection either, well as you can see below, True Blue Mini, solves all that:
      The PSX Classic is a wonderful little console that brings back memories of the good old PSX days. But those memories are limited to a few games only, with most of the best games you spent so many hours playing missing.

      True Blue Mini is the answer to that problem. For a low price, you can enhance your PSX Classic catalog tremendously. Currently available in 3 separate packs, 2 of which include 101 games each with a 3rd one specialized in fight games that contains 58 PSX classics, you add months of gameplay your PSX Classic console.

      Plug & play, no installation process, anyone can use it in seconds. The games will simply show up in your PSX Classic menu. And we even packed a free USB hub so you can use multiple controllers.

      True Blue Mini 64GB 101 games pack are available for $19.95, while the 32GB Fight Pack that includes 58 games is $17.45

      And trust us, as true PSX fans, we included the very best of what the original PlayStation had to offer.
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      For more information, head to their official website:


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    Yes, True Blue Mini is sale on 3DS-Flashcard.CC, we have it in stock, and we can ship it out within 24 hours with tracking number.

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    I have bought one from this store, it's in shipping and looking forward to receive it.

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