Miracle Girls is based on a manga by Nami Akimoto. It was later adapted into a TV anime series. The manga is about twin sisters Tomomi and Mikage Matsunaga, and their love lives in high school. Tomomi is tomboyish and athletic, while Mikage is feminine and intellectual. These twins have ESP powers but they try to hide this from their friends. Only Mr. Kageura knows their secret!

In the game, the sisters and their friends are suddenly teleported to a strange and magical world. You must help them find their missing friends and defeat Majo-Majo's villains by throwing candy as your only weapon, and eventually find the way back home.

Download Miracle Girls English Translation patch v1.1 HERE
Miracle Girls project page

The main point of this update was to insert the standard English Miracle Girls logo for the title logo. I always wanted to add this logo, but it's a large amount of work to insert for this game due to the animated sequence that uses 16 separate palettes that all needed updating, 2 versions of the logo and a few tilemaps. It took 3 days work in total.

Various other graphics have been updated including the demo game mini-logo, the Miracle Station bonus screen graphics and some other small graphics. There has also been a much needed script revision.