Sony have released firmware 4.84 for PS3. There seems to be doubt regarding what this update actually does, so going with Sandungas post over at on this one: 'I guess we can nickname 4.84 as 'the valentine's day' update. Changelog: Additionally to the usual system stability this update improves love. A rainbow with unicorns has been added to the theme settings.'. I have updated the Ps3OsRels wiki as usual where the updates also can be downloaded (or at least could be at one point). This time there was an incremental update (PS3PATCH.PUP). In related news, Evilnat has released our beloved mitigation for boring stability updates, namely SEN Enabler v6.2.1. There is more new console stuff to leech in the download section if you feel like it, have a good weekend, love is in the air.