If you like city building and the Roman Empire, then your PSVitaís value has increased drastically as devnoname120 got it a Caesar III port called Julius with some help from Rinnegatamante and rsn8887!

From my observations throughout a short playing session, I observed that:As the source code of Caesar III isnít publicly available, Julius is an open-source implementation by @bvschaik_ of the classic 1998 game that was created by Impressions Games and published by Sierra On-Line. Julius aims to use the exact same logic as Caesar III and is also fully compatible with save games from it.

  • Performance-wise, Julius is quite good and I observed no lag in a mostly empty map
  • The touchscreen is used for main input as it controls the cursor
    • Unfortunately, tapping the screen doesnít register as a left click so you have to press X/O for a left/right click respectively

  • Audio and sounds work as intended
  • There doesnít seem to be any way to pop up the on-screen keyboard so your governorís name will have to stay ďThe new governorĒ
  • Sadly, you can use the left/right analogue sticks for mouse control which makes it a bit difficult to point to smaller elements if you donít have a stylus

To grab Julius and go back to Roman times on your PSVita, you can grab the VPK from this link or through VHBB as itís available on VitaDB. As Caesar III isnít a free game, you must supply the data files yourself,which can be obtained legitimately for a few bucks off GOG/Steam, and put them in ux0:/data/julius. I can personally confirm that the GOG files work just fine.

via http://wololo.net/2019/02/16/psvita-...y-released-ca/