As recently mentioned, the Switch already has a port of Super Mario War and while the PSVita also had a port of this game by Rinnegatamante, it wasnít fully stable.
Super Mario War is a competitive multiplayer game that also has to do with stomping on other characters but gameplay-wise itís more advanced compared to JumpíníBump
Similar to JumpíníBump, Super Mario War is a multiplayer-focused game in which you must stomp on other Marios to score points and it has Super Mario Bros 3-esque graphics and sounds. To spice up gameplay, it has many different game modes like jail/coin collection and many maps so you and your friends are unlikely to get bored of it very quickly. Thankfully, it also has easily accessible AI functions so you can play alone or add another computer-controlled player or two when playing with family/friends.
Now, the PSVitaís Super Mario War port has been updated to version 1.0 which comes the following updates:

  • Random game freezes have been fixed thanks to some fixes in the AI code
  • The controlled crash function when pressing the R trigger has been removed as it was only there in version 0.9 to make debugging easier

To grab this updated version of Super Mario War, follow this link to get the VPK or grab it directly off VHBB because itís available on VitaDB.