VitaBright by devnoname120 is an essential plugin that lets you take control of the PSVita’s screen brightness. In other words, it allows you to set the maximum brightness above the limit set by Sony and the minimum brightness below the limit.

Support for Slim PSVita models (2000-series models)
This is extremely useful if you have an OLED PSVita and want to play in the dark since the screen is a bit too bright even on the lowest brightness setting. Now, VitaBright has been updated to version 1.0 with two major changes which are:

    • This means that you can now use this plugin on virtually every PSVita you own

  • A bug, that occurred when you were using the lowest brightness setting, in which the brightness would go back up after the screen dims due to inactivity was finally fixed!

To grab VitaBright 1.0, follow this link and download the ZIP file provided. The ZIP file contains the plugin in SKPRX form which you have to copy to ux/ur0:/tai. After copying the plugin, all you have to do is add the plugin’s directory under the *KERNEL section by inserting something like “ux0:/tai/vitabright.skprx”. You may also make use of custom gamma tables but the plugin has default settings built in which are fine for many users, myself included.
Other than VitaBright, another plugin also saw an update and this is VitaGrafix by Electry. VitaGrafix 4.1 is a technical update that mostly aims at making the life of people who create game patches easier.

Parsing for the configuration file and patchlist is now case-sensitive so potential conflicts are now avoided
These updates include:

  • Support for Arm A2 MOVW encoding is now present in patchlist.txt
  • [MAIN] now accepts the same options as the GAME section
  • Recent commercial game patch releases include internal buffer resolution patches for Fate/EXTELLA [US/JP/ASIA] and Valhalla Knights 3 [EU/US/JP] along with offsets for all regions of RESOGUN.

While VitaGrafix 4.1’s updates have to do stuff that the end user doesn’t directly mess with, it’s still a good idea to update your VitaGrafix plugin since newer game patches may make use of features introduced with this release. To grab the updated version of the plugin, check out this link and follow installation instructions from here.