If you’re a fan of the crazy chipmunks that go by the name of Chip ‘n’ Dale, then you’ll be pleased that Reddit user “tijesef” ported Chip And Dale Remastered to the PSVita with help from YellowAfterLife! This Chip & Dale game is a remake of the NES game “Chip & Dale: Rescue Rangers” and it’s made with GameMaker 8.0 so it was obviously ported to the PSVita with SilicaAndPina’s G*Maker.

From my brief testing session on my PSVita, I can say the following about the port:

  • Performance is great and the controls are properly mapped (O-jump/X-pick up boxes/apples and throw)
  • Game sounds and background music work as intended
  • The game’s VPK is 79MB large but it only takes a few seconds to install through VitaShell which isn’t something that can be said for some other large homebrew

Some people have reported that the game crashes on the main menu but I encountered no such issues on my FAT PSVita running FW 3.60 so your mileage may vary. To download Chip ‘n’ Dale Remastered and mess around with these two chipmunks, simply check out its Reddit thread and download the VPK from the Google Drive link. Hello to you too “tijesef”; I’ll make sure to forward the message to The_Zett if it were intended for him xD

via http://wololo.net/2019/02/10/psvita-...-game-patches/