Bobbejaanland announced that their new triple-launch coaster from Gerstlauer coming in 2019 will be named Fury, and part of a new themed section of the park to be called Land of Legends that will incorporate three other park attractions. Each the attractions serves as an iconic monument to the four elements of nature, set behind protected gateways to their respective realms within the Land of Legends. Fury represents fire, with the the existing Sledge Hammer to represent Earth, Naiads Waters for water and Typhoon for air.
Fury itself will be build themed represent the destructive force of a fire breathing dragon, complete with a battlefield around a castle structure and battling ‘Fire Knights’ along the way.
According to the official website the story behind the Land of Legends starts with the creation of the Guardian of Elements. “Millions of years ago, on a star in the furthest and most distant corner of our galaxy, a spring emerged from which the purest water bubbled. The water mixed drop by drop with the silver substance with which the star was covered. This created a river that deposited a sticky clay. The clay took many forms. One form seemed a bit more like a person every day. Until finally a man sat beside the river staring lifeless in the distance.
When the star raged past the sun, the hot wind brought everything into turmoil. The shapes on the planet were filled with heat, and in the man's body even blood began to flow. He opened his eyes and looked around. No other form had come to life. The man wandered around lonely. He did not understand why he had been brought to life if that life had no purpose.
Until another miracle happened. A blast on a small planet in the neighborhood caused a bright flash of light that struck the man in the middle of the heart. Instead of dying, the man became bigger and stronger. His interior filled with infinite knowledge and a burning desire. He now knew the purpose of his existence. In him he carried the four elements: earth, water, fire and wind. It was his job to guard them. He was the Guardian of Elements.”