How many days until Star Wars: Galalxy’s Edge opens? How long? When? Tell us when already!
This is the question on everyone’s mind, including the competition as it seems no one want sto announced anything or to try and hold their own grand-opening event anywhere near the date when Disney is going to open Star Wars. Case in point… this is likely still the major reason why Universal has yet to release any details or even the name of the new Wizarding World coaster opening in Islands of Adventure this year.
The whining of the fans is almost deafening at this point… as people want to make vacation plans (or call in sick) in order to descend in mass upon the Disneyland Resort, all to jump in an epic line that could very well set length records for all time. Clearly this is going to be a nightmare scenario for the Operations crew at Disneyland and they know it… but what if there was a way around all this opening day fuss?
What if… Disney did the unthinkable?
What if Disney defied all modern theme park marketing strategies and went old school on this one? By this I mean, what if one day guests entered Disneyland and without any hoopla or celebration, without any pomp and circumstance… what if the gates to Galaxy’s Edge were just suddenly OPEN?!
In this day of social media it wouldn’t take long for the word to get out to the public that the portal to Galaxy’s Edge was now open, but it sure would solve the operational and security headache caused by the announcement of an official grand opening date. And invitational media previews could be done in private ahead of time, possibly with a strict publication embargo if need be.
This may just be a wild idea… but it could also be something that Bob Iger may have hinted about during a shareholder meeting when he confirmed that Disney doesn’t have any big promotional plans in the works, because the new Star Wars lands are already the talk of the world. He even joked that, “I’m thinking that maybe I should just tweet, ‘It’s opening,’ and that will be enough.” followed by the comment that since the attractions themselves will do all the marketing for them, “That’s a signal I just sent to our parks and resorts people to keep that budget really low.”