• @SciresM has just released version 0.8.4 of his Nintendo Switch custom firmware, thus marking its eleventh official release.

    Our girl June is back! - Finally, there is CFW for the Switch that supports v7.0.x firmwares, with a special 'sept payload'!
    SciresM said:
    I know you've all been waiting...Happy June 15th! Atmosphere 0.8.4 has released: (see new link below)
    Full support for 7.0.x, bug fixes, improved reboot-to-payload/shutdown options, kernel JIT patches...
    I hope you all enjoy!
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    PLEASE NOTE: --> There is no 'sigpatches' released by others yet for it, so NO BACKUPS, NO PIRACY !!!
    OFFICIAL SITE: --> https://github.com/Atmosphere-NX/Atm...ases/tag/0.8.4