• The possibility of running Android on a Nintendo Switch has always been a source of discussion in the scene since its early days. Some are favourable to the idea, pointing to the Tegra X1 SoC at the heart of the console which is already found in other Android devices (not taking into account the customizations commissioned by Nintendo) and how such a port would both expand the console's capabilities and its software library. Others reject it, citing how many other devices would be able to do the same job in a better way without requiring any software modifications. Nevertheless, so far all those arguments have been the product of speculation, however it seems things may change soon as the developer Max Keller, also known as "langer hans", has shown a video of an unofficial Android port running on a Switch.

    While we've already been teased with small details of such a port in the past, for example see this tweet made by @natinusala not too long ago, it's indeed the first time we're able to see a sneak peek of it in action. The video is linked down below and it showcases the OS's home screen, a couple applications including a WebKit browser test, switching between portrait and landscape mode and working WiFi & Bluetooth. Still, the GPU drivers don't behave properly at the moment which causes stuttering during operation.

    • The poster is already known for other projects, mainly for modding other Android ROMs, however it underlines that most of the work has been done by another developer known as Billy Laws (ByLaws) who has already posted a device tree for the Switch on his GitLab account (link in the sources below). There is currently no public release nor ETA but this should come as no surprise as it's evident the port needs some work before it can be called usable.

      What do you think? Are you excited about an Android port for the Switch or do you dismiss it as being just a gimmick?


      via https://gbatemp.net/threads/unoffici...switch.532182/