• As the Nes Online Game injector wasnt beinng updated , and lack of support for new Game Code format
    I decided to take things into my hands and release Nes Online Game injector MOD

    Wich give the program alot of new support changes, capability and improvment of user interface and utility control

    Q: whats the diffrence between new and old Game Code format?
    A:New format is Nes online 2.0 and above, Old format is below 2.0 like ver 1.1.0!

    So without farder talk here it is



    Version 1.3.5M (3.5) (The Myth 1.3.5M)

    • Fixed Game Code Generation, no more exeptions
    • Fixed Game Title Generation, Tool will remove all Special Characters from the Game file opened
    • Fixed Throw Exeption Error When Canaceling Open Rom File dialog
    • Added Extra Checks For Game Code & Game Tiltele Generation scripts to insure stability

    Version 1.3M (3.5) (The Myth)

    • Fixed Output Directory Name, Dosn't Show GameCode Anymore in Game directory Name
    • Fixed Wrong GameCode Output inside the GameDir which Caused freezes in Nes Online when Starting the game
    • Now New Format is set By Default
    • Forced the Game Dir Name to UpperCase
    • Added Screnenshot Preview
    • Added Numeric input for the Volume since I forgot about it last time
    • Minor UI Changes and Untility improvement
    • Added New Format Game Code Check, Utility won't let you to inject the Newformat if Game code isn't NxxxE
    • Added Game Code Fix Pattern to make sure the Game code is correct for new format
    • Added Player Count + Release Date and lcla6 input support. This is only for the new format US/EU as of now
    • Minor Bug fixes and skipped to Version 1.2

    Version 1.1M (3.5) (The Insomnia 1.1M)

    • Changed from text input fields to numeric input for numbers

    Version 1.0M (3.5) (The Insomnia)

    • Added new/old format support which can be chosen from the dropdown menu
    • Minor UI modifications
    • Auto-fill support added, some fields gets filled automatically now
    • GameTitle| Generated from the opened ROM name
    • GameCode | Generated random code using the ROM file's name characters; the other fields are already filled
    • Generate the normal game dirictory, this is the name from game's title

    I Hope You Guys Enjoy this !!!
    DOWNLOAD + SourceCode on my github:
    @bodyXY - Original Tool Developer
    @KuranKu - Official Mod Developer

via https://gbatemp.net/threads/nes-onli...upport.531983/