mGBA is a GameBoy Advance (and Colour/Original) emulator that aims to deliver accurate emulation while performing well on lower-end devices.

This emulator is available on multiple hacked platforms, like the Switch, 3DS and Wii, and PCs but the folks behind it still manage to keep the same codebase for all the available versions so all supported platforms get the latest goodies!

As this emulator is still actively in development, it regularly receives updates and the latest one is version 0.7.1 which brings along:

  • A fix for the Vita port in which save files weren’t flushed to disk if mGBA crashes or closes unexpectedly.
    • This could cause save files not to be updated with the latest save data and progress to be lost

  • Freezes in the menu on the 3DS and bugs relating to opening the application and gyroscope orientation on the Switch were fixed
  • Internal core improvements relating to memory, DMA and video were made to increase accuracy
  • Other minor features and bug fixes such as an updated Italian translation and a fix for the window icon when using X11

To grab the latest version of mGBA, check out this link and download the appropriate version for the platform of your choice.