For the past 15 years, independent developer Jason Rohrer has released all of his work into the public domain. He's apparently never run into serious issues as a result of that decision before, but he's having trouble with an unofficial mobile port of his latest title, the PC game One Hour One Life.
In an open letter on his game's forums last week, Rohrer talked about One Hour One Life for Mobile, an unofficial adaptation of his game by Swedish developer Dual Decade that has become commercially successful. Launched last year, One Hour One Life for Mobile has met with some commercial success, landing in the top 10 most downloaded Japanese apps on the App Store and recently climbing as high as 12 on the Chinese App Store charts, according to App Annie.
It is the Chinese version of the game that sparked Rohrer's letter. While the previous versions of the mobile game made note that they were unofficial adaptations of Rohrer's original PC game in the app descriptions and in-game splash screens, Rohrer said that a demo released on Chinese store TapTap last week contained no such notice. (The Chinese App Store version of the game as saved by App Annie auto-translates the game's subtitle as "genuine licensed game.")