Another Switch CFW joins the 7.0.X compatible list, and this time it's @Reisyukaku 's and @EliseZeroTwo ReiNX! The update has been rumored for a while and while there is still no stable release, an early build has been shared with the community for anyone who wants to stay on the bleeding edge. The new build chainloads sept to boot on said firmware using a non-byok approach. While most components should work correctly, there are currently some issues that prevent sleep mode from working properly. If you encounter any bugs, you're encouraged to let the developers know by using the discussion thread.

Quoted from elise (from the Discord server):

7.0.X release. This is an early build/release that uses sept. Some games may not work as this is an early build, I just wanted to get a release out as fast as possible, there was not much testing of this. If you are not on 7.0.X already then do not update still until further notice. As always report all bugs to me and Rei.


forgot to mention, sleep mode is broken for the time being.

As previously stated, this is still considered an unstable build and may contain bugs: for this reason the dev team recommends to stay on lower firmware versions until a proper stable release is out. However, if you want to see the build in action for yourself, a link is provided in the sources below.