The PSVita didnít get a native port of a Grand Theft Auto game which, in my opinion, is very unfortunate as I believe that a Vita port couldíve given a much better gaming experience than GTAís ports on iOS/Android. Apparently, more people think the same and now, TheFlow is doing the work of the gods by creating a NATIVE RESOLUTION patch for the PSPís Grand Theft Auto series when run on the PSVita!

As its title suggests, this patch makes the PSPís Grand Theft Auto games (GTA Vice City Stories and GTA Liberty City Stories) render at native resolution on the PSVita (960◊544).
This allows for a sharper and much-nicer looking image without the blurriness that upscaling a 480◊272 (PSPís native resolution) image brings about. Work on this patch started a short while ago with TheFlow first mentioning it publicly on March 1st and yesterday, he made another Reddit thread demonstrating his progress. As of right now, the following is known about the patch:

  • This patch, which will run inside Adrenaline, will allow the PSPís GTA games to run at 960◊544 (native resolution of the Vita; double that of the PSP) on the PSVita and PSTV

  • TheFlow says that performance will not be greatly affected as he only mentioned a small bit of slowdown that doesnít affect playbility
  • As the PSP only has 2MB Video RAM, the games will run at a reduced colour space of 16-bits rather than 32-bits.
    • However, this will not really affect the pictureís quality as demonstrated in the comparison screenshots that TheFlow provided (below)

  • Currently, the plugin isnít available for download
  • These type of patches are game-specific so donít expect the ability to render all games at a higher resolution similar to what PPSSPP does