If youíve been following r/vitahacks, then youíve probably heard of Super Mario Vita which is a fan-made Super Mario game by Fanta Hourglass. News about this homebrew game emerged around 2 months ago, in early January, when its developer published a showing some gameplay in a PSVita Slim overlay and started posting regular updates about it on Twitter. Obviously, this kindled a fair amount of interest but many people warned Fanta Hourglass to stay quiet about his work as Nintendo has shut down fan-made games using its intellectual property, such as AM2R, in the past.

Now, a demo of this somewhat anticipated Super Mario 64-esque homebrew has been released and from a short playing session, I observed the following:

  • You must overclock your PSVitaís CPU to 444MHz to get playable speeds with some stuttering
    • To do this, you can use a plugin such as Joel16ís PSV VSH Menu

      • Donít even think about running it at 333MHz (stock clock) as youíll get single digit frame rates!

    • There are 4 small demo worlds which demonstrate what could be achieved with the engine
      • This means that this demo is a tech demo as it doesnít have any content that you can actually play through

    • Obviously, there are some issues with gameís physics and these are especially noticeable in the world with minimal lighting
    • The music, by guesswhatmusic, is pretty nice and Iíd be pleased if it were to end up in some other fan-made Mario game

  • This demo shows some promise and achieves some pretty cool things but unfortunately, itíll be the last weíll be hearing of Super Mario Vita. From the video posted by Fanta Hourglass about the demoís release, itís been revealed that he wonít continue working on the game as heís rightfully afraid that Nintendo will shut him down. However, heíll continue developing games with Unity as he showed off a prototype of an original 3D platforming game featuring a robot that he plans to release on Steam (PC) and possibly the PSVita. To grab the game demo (for PC and Vita), check out the links below and you can also watch the release video!

Super Mario Vita download link (PSVita): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bJX...ew?usp=sharing
Super Mario Vita download link (PC): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1evC...y-kP1x-ML/view