Following his short (or inexistant) break from the PSVita scene, Rinnegatamante is back at work creating ports of open-source titles for the PSVita and this time around, he ported NRedneck which is a fork of the open-source EDuke32 engine which adds Redneck Rampage support. Redneck Ramapage, by Xatrix Entertainment, is a first person shooter with a hillbilly theme taking place in Arkansas released in 1997 that makes use of the Duke Nukem 3D’s Build engine. The story is pretty crazy as it features two brothers trying to save their prized pig called Bessie and trying to stop an alien invasion so it shouldn’t really be taken seriously!
From testing on my PSVita, I could deduce the following about the Rinnegatamante’s port:

  • Performance is pretty good so you’ll get a pretty solid playing experience
  • Sound effects work properly so you can enjoy various “Yee-haw”s present in the game
  • The controls are a nice way similar to Rinnegatamante’s other ports
  • This port features the main menu and everything from the normal PC port so you can customise the game all you want

As Redneck Rampage isn’t a free game, you have to supply the game data yourself and this is to be done by placing “REDNECK.GRP” in ux0:/data/NRedneck. You may also play Redneck Rampage Rides Again with this port by renaming the GRP file to RA.GRP. To play this port, simply follow the link below to grab the VPK and then copy the data files to your memory card (demo data files aren’t supported). I have tested the game with files from GOG’s Redneck Rampage collection and that the base game works perfectly; you may also use files from the original CD or Steam release if you please.

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