As many of us who have an iDevice know, iOS 12 has been able to fix most problems that iOS 11 brought to the table while also boosting performance back to iOS 10 levels on older devices. While it stayed unjailbroken for a while, it finally got a jailbreak (unc0ver) in late February which didnít support older devices, but now that jailbreak finally supports all A7/A8 devices!

For a while, there was a fair bit of grumbling in the jailbreak scene because, in January, older devices (A7/A8) didnít work with Brandon Azadís voucher_swap exploit out of the box. However, this was sorted out with tihmstarís v3ntex (on iOS 12) a while later but then, 4K devices (Apple A7/A8) decided to still put up a fight as they didnít work with Cydia SubstrateĎs (a piece of software that lets you run tweaks on iOS) update for iOS 12. This meant that they couldnít be jailbroken when unc0ver was updated with A9-A11 devices support on February 22.
Now, Cydia Substrate has been fixed on A7/A8 devices and unc0ver was also updated to add support for older devices! Other than that, unc0ver now includes iBSparkesĎ machswap exploit which provides a 95% success rate on A7/A8 devices (4K devices) running iOS 11.0-12.1.2. If youíre unsure what about which SoC is in your device, these are the devices that unc0ver currently supports:

  • iPhone 5S to iPhone X
    • iPhone 5S (A7) and iPhone 6 (A8) support was added yesterday in unc0ver 3.0.0 beta 40

  • iPad Air 1st generation to iPad Pro 10.5″/12.9″ 2nd generation
    • iPad Air 1st generation (A7) support was also added yesterday

  • iPad Mini 2 to iPad Mini 4, and iPod Touch 6

On the other hand, if youíre already happily jailbroken on the latest major version of iOS, more good news has dropped as Ryan Petrich has released beta versions of Activator, Flipswitch and RocketBootstrap that work on iOS 12!unc0ver download link (grab the latest build, b41 as of this article):
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