There was never any doubt as to which movie would reign supreme at the box office this weekend past, but the question was always just how well Captain Marvel would hold up. Pretty solidly it seems, as Marvel’s latest dipped just 55% (which is better than the majority of its peers) to earn an additional $69.3 million in the US while adding another $119.7 million from international markets.
On the US domestic side this puts Captain Marvel at $266 million, while internationally it’s hovering at just under the half a billion dollars mark ($132 million of that coming from China alone). That all adds up to a staggering $760 million worldwide haul. This means that after just 10 days, it’s already the 10th biggest Marvel Cinematic Universe movie ever and is about to shoot past Guardians of the Galaxy’s $773.3 million. It’s also now the third-largest female-directed/co-directed feature ever following Wonder Woman ($821 million) and Frozen ($1.2 billion). At this point, moving up a spot and eventually joining that exclusive billion dollar club is just an eventuality.