Universal Orlando has finally revealed more details about Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, calling it the “most highly themed, immersive coaster yet”.
“Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure will combine a new level of storytelling and innovative coaster technology with rich environments and sets – including an actual forest with more than 1,200 live trees. It will also give guests the unique opportunity to join Hagrid – one of the most beloved characters in the Harry Potter films – on a journey to one of the most mysterious places in the wizarding world – the Forbidden Forest. With Hagrid as their guide, guests will fly deep into the Forbidden Forest and brave the mysteries and thrills beyond the grounds of Hogwarts castle on a groundbreaking coaster experience unlike any other.”
The minimum height to ride the new coaster is 48 inches, so smaller guests who are just a bit too small to tackle the Incredible Hulk will be in luck here. Riders will climb aboard magical motorcycles, riding on either the bike itself or in the sidecar, and race through the Forbidden Forest at speeds up to 50mph, moving both forwards and backwards at times, and encounter some of the Wizarding World’s rarest creatures, including: a Centaur, Cornish Pixies, Fluffy the three-headed dog, and a special new creature that has never been seen in the film series. Plus you’ll have an encounter with the Devil’s Snare along the way.