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Thread: Game Review: Ninja Gaiden: Black (Xbox)

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    Xbox Game Review: Ninja Gaiden: Black (Xbox)


    Publisher: Tecmo
    Developer: Team Ninja
    Genre: Third-Person Action
    Number of Players: 1
    Price: $15 (can be downloaded to xbox 360 hard drive)
    or $10 if you can find a used copy in a store.


    You play as a ninja by the name of "Ryu Hayabusa" and start out with a "special" sword, you later unlock more weapons and moves as you SLOWLY progress through the game by violently slaying fiends (demons, monsters, evil creatures, my LMS teacher, call them what you will) with well lasting AND animated combos.

    This kunai smells funny


    The gameplay is simple, go in a room, get killed, go in it again, and try to survive by locating patterns in you'r eneimes movements, block and counter attack when needed, or simply smash every face button on the controller and hope for the best, as the enemies fall, they will drop orbs that can ethr give you health or money to upgrade your character.

    Aside from having weapons, you also have magic called "NIMPO" you can preform this spells when you are found in a difficult situation as they will assure you a critical hit on an enemy, even on one of those amongst the most law defying fiends. But use them with caution, as this "NIMPO" will not come back on their own, you have to recharge them with a potion that costs money. it just me, or is the big guys face inside out.


    This game looks better then most if not all wii games out there, seriousley, I am very surprized by what the regular xbox can do, the level of detail on ryu is astonishing, from the metal plate on his head, down to the kunais found at the side of his legs, everything is very well polished and well thought out animations can only help.

    CLICK THE LINK TO VIEW THE PICTURE (it ecceeded the 500 pixels width rule)


    Depending on what weapon you choose to adopt as your own, you will hear different sounds, if you have a sword you will hear constant metal bashing against the your oponent's armor, if you choose a staff you will hear the sound of wood banging against whatever it is that you wish to hit with it, tho one thing you will always hear, is the sound of wind being broken by the peed of your attacks.

    The background song MUST fit in well with the game due to the fact that i don't remember hearing one .


    Once you are done with the game on normal difficulty, you can always go back and beat it on hard to unlock new costumes, other then that, i see no other reason to.


    This game is going to spit on your face and laugh at you while you are naked because you just saw ryu's big breasted friend. The cutscenes are the most cinematic and well preformed I have ever seen in a game making you wish they were longer.

    so, ya doin anything this saturday?

    I give this game:
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