Iíve got a bit more information about the new Dungeon attraction opening soon at Alton Towers. Iím told that the cost of visiting the attraction will be between £5-7 or about £38 for unlimited trips through The Dungeon for the day. As with the other Dungeon attraction, it will feature extensive use of real live actors.
According to an official [COLOR=#1B8EDE !important]description[/COLOR] of the experience, ĒYouíll be screaming with laughter whilst being sentenced by the Bishop of Stafford, before being condemned to a traitors boat ride down the Black River. In these dark chambers, try to survive the plague, and endure humiliation as well as pain at the hand of the Torturer. If you escapeÖ stop at the local tavern, known to be one of $#@! Turpinís hideouts, he may even shoot by! Then visit the Witch of Burslemís cottage... to come face to face with her ghost!Ē.
Elsewhere in the park Iím told they will add a pair of mini drop towers to CBeebies Land that will be themed as Peter Rabbitís Hippity Hop. There will also be a Teletubbies Big Band Live show added sometime in April.