Google's Stadia streaming service is out in the open, and it's, well, pretty much exactly what you might have expected it to be.
Details are admittedly thin on the ground at this point; aside from what the controller will look like and an admittedly impressive demo of moving gameplay seamlessly between devices, Google's presentation was far heavier on telling us how great this will be for YouTube than it was on telling us what it'll actually offer to game consumers or creators. More details -- minor things like, say, a business model -- will no doubt be forthcoming in the next few months, but thus far Stadia remains essentially a tech demo with the actual service still merely a promise.
Plenty has been written about Stadia, predictably enough, in the days since it was shown off, and much of it has been very well considered and insightful. The broad conclusions of the specialist coverage are that the technology is impressive and some of the features genuinely interesting (alongside the seamless device switching, the ability to turn a game state into a shareable link also looks like a genuinely good innovation), but that Google faces a steep uphill struggle in many other regards.