• @XorTroll has released an important update for Goldleaf, his Nintendo Switch title installer and Swiss Army knife. Goldtree, its USB companion app, has also been updated aswell.

    Version 0.5 sports a quite lenghty changelog and has been described by the developer as, quote, "the most stable update ever". Let's go through some of the highlights quickly: the user interface has been revamped and now supports touch controls, a new config file enables users to customize the UI to their liking, USB installations are more stable and reliable due to some backend changes, 7.0.X support has been added (it had been available in nightly builds already, however this is the first stable release to include it officially), NSP installation received some reliability improvements (mainly to avoid being left with corrupted data due to bad installs and there's also a new check to make the installation of newer/older versions of titles more streamlined) and a good number of quality of life improvements.

    On the other hand, NCA extraction has been removed temporarily as the developer plans to implement a completely rebuilt system to support it. The CFW menu is no longer present aswell due to redundancy and usefulness issues (NXThemes are now handled externally, meaning its only good feature would be to check if qlaunch was replaced in your CFW of choice).

    As usual, the full changelog is available below:

    • Huge UI refactor:
      • Dialogs have been refactored, now they aren't full-screen, and are roundy and well designed
      • Several graphics have changed (main logo)
      • Touch support, mainly noticeable in dialogs and menus. (scrolling still not supported)
      • On file browsers (SD / console memory), the element size has been changed from 100 to 50, doubling the element count being showed, and improving browsing in very populated directories.
      • As Plutonium changed on 0.2.1, now moving up on the top element in a menu will move to the latest one, and down on the latest one to the top one.

    • USB is in a better state now:
      • Installations are no longer handled by two different threads, which makes them more stable.
      • USB system has been changed on the libnx fork, hence some things are easy to handle now, like connection issues or callbacks while USB reading.
      • Don't worry, multi-installation USB is planned for 0.6 or sooner versions

    • New and rebuilt content manager:
      • Titles are sorted by all their subcontents (in case they have updates or DLC)
      • Any kind of content can be deleted individually
      • System titles are also supported, but deleting them is not allowed by default.

    • New config file! Goldleaf.ini:
      • Support to replace UI colors and assets.
      • Support to enforce a custom language
      • Via RomFs replacing icons, texts, even translations can be replaced!

    • File browsers:
      • Files and directories are sorted properly now.

    • NSP installs:
      • 7.x installs are supported by doing a temporary copy of CNMT and control NCAs to NAND SYSTEM (which gets deleted right after the install, don't worry)
      • Install dialog might take a few seconds to show up as the change mentioned above. Just a small delay, nothing dangerous.
      • Bad installs will (attempt) to remove half-installed contents to avoid corrupted installs.
      • If the title is already installed, Goldleaf will uninstall it so that the new one can be installed. This might happen with updates (share the same application Id so are considered as the same title internally)

    • USB installs:
      • Sizes were fixed, transferring methods were revised... now USB installs are more stable than ever (after those tons of bugs with 0.4)
      • Goldtree also had small changes related to USB commands, so other PC clients should get updated too. Not a big change, but a really relevant one.

    • Error handling:
      • Not a very big addition, but now caught errors are displayed on a FBI-ish style (dialog showing error type, description..., not just the error code on the footer)

    • NXTheme installs:
      • Now Goldleaf doesn't handle these installs itself, instead it uses NxThemes installer, which should be installed in order to install themes. This fixes compatibility with new changes.

    • User accounts:
      • Now icons are checked whether they are valid 256x256 JPEG icons before using them for account icons.
      • On previous versions the only user (in case there was just one) could be deleted. Now that has been corrected.

    • Removed features!?
      • NCA file support (extractions) was removed as a new system to dynamically mount and access NCAs is being worked on for next versions
      • CFW support as it resulted in a pointless menu, which just was useful to see whether qlaunch was replaced in the selected CFW.

    • General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience.

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