• Do you own a modded Switch or a Wii U? Would you like to get your homebrew directly to your console? If you answered yes to both questions then you most likely already know about @vgmoose and Team 4TU's Homebrew App Store and if not, it's a great time to give it a shot!

    The new version 2.1 is available for both of the aforementioned consoles and delivers a good number of improvements. For starters, you can expect faster downloads as well as a new miscellaneous category for homebrew apps, while platform-specific Switch additions include a smoother UI thanks to hardware accelerated rendering, a new category dedicated to themes (with the ability to install them once downloaded) and being able to launch NROs after installing them. Of course, there are also several Wii U-specific improvements as well: a search function has been added, more details are available for each package, the code was synced with the Switch version of the hb-appstore (so you'll be able to enjoy some features and enhancements perviously exclusive to that version) and a few others.

    Those are just some of the highlights - if you're interested in reading about all that's available in this version, the full changelog is available below!


    • new theme category + allow theme installation
    • NRO launching after installation
    • uses GPU to render (smoother)


    • faster downloads
    • can actually exit with minus button
    • misc category added

    Wii U:

    • synced with switch codebase! Now using SDL2
    • can search now!
    • can control without touch screen
    • can scroll and read more details about packages (size, changelog, etc)
    • can install files anywhere on SD (Retroarch, haxchi, etc updated)
    • sort apps, smoother scrolling, and other quality of life things from syncing with Switch

    The PC build has also started migrating to Buck + Buckaroo for building and dependency management. It is my long term goal to use the same Buck configuration to compile across all platforms!
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