When Sony releases a new PS3 firmware, one of the first homebrew utilities to get updated is SEN Enabler because playing online requires you to be on the latest firmware. As FW 4.84 was released in February, SEN Enabler has been able to spoof FW 4.84 for a while but it now got support for FW 4.84 with version 6.2.2. The changelog for SEN Enabler 6.2.2 mentions the following:

  • Cobra 4.84 DEX is now supported
  • Spoof and hash fix support for 4.84 Cobra CFWs (CEX/DEX) has been added
  • Cobra was updated to version 8.0.1

To get the latest SEN Enabler with CFW 4.84 support, check out this link and install it on your PS3