Contrary to what non-GTA fans might think, not all GTA games are 3D in nature and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is one of them. Originally released for the Nintendo DS, the game has a 2D overhead perspective which was ideal considering the systemís technical limitations but then, it was also released on the PSP/iOS/Android which are all platforms that provide much more power. However, the game still retained the 2D perspective but with some tinkering, GTA fans managed to get the 3D chase perspective to be used whenever you got in a vehicle on the PSP port!
Unfortunately, this (namely PPSSPP) so getting the 3D perspective on the PSP/Vita was a no-go until recently. Now, RealYoti is working on a version of this hack that actually works on the PSP/PSVita thus allowing these consoles to roam around the GTA:CT map in 3D albeit with a few graphical issues. To demonstrate his work, RealYoti published a video (below) which can be seen below but he hasnít set an ETA yet and the mod crashes the game when you drive a car into the water!