For quite a while, z2442 and TheMrIron2 along with a few others have been working on improving DaedalusX64, the only working Nintendo 64 emulator for the PSP and PSVita. As the Nintendo 64 is somewhat difficult to emulate and demands pretty high system requirements, it is quite surprising that the PSP manages to get playable framerates in some games but this is owed to the fact that the N64 and PSP use the same CPU architecture. Obviously, not all games exhibit good performance and many are quite slow but with recent improvements, more titles have become playable and many bugs have been fixed!

To show off some progress on the upcoming DaedalusX64 1.1.7, a video was published (below) which shows playable performance in the following games:

  • Super Mario 64
    • This game works pretty well in the last official release of DaedalusX64 too

  • Zelda Ocarina of Time
    • Performance hovers around the 70-80% with a few stutters but the game is still quite playable

  • StarFox64
  • Zelda Majora’s Mask (there are some nasty stutters so it’s not exactly playable for now)
  • Mario Kart 64
    • Official releases of DaedalusX64 emulate it with okay performance but any speed improvements are always welcome!

To learn a bit more about the upcoming DaedalusX64 release which should be coming this Friday and some optimal game settings, check out its Reddit thread.

While the stuff in this article isn’t yet released, you can still mess around with GTA on your PSVita with TheFlow’s native resolution hack (below). A link with information about the current version of the improved DaedalusX64 can also be found below if you want to try your favourite N64 games on the PSP/Vita right now!
TheFlow’s GTA Native Resolution Patch (info + download link):×544-on-your-vita-pstv/
DaedalusX64 1.1.6 info + download link: