Rinnegatamante has released a new version of his PS Vita port of Quake III. The popular port has made great progress since its initial release almost a year ago, and itís great to get regular updates!
This release brings significant performance improvements. The Developer recommends in particular to play the game at a 480◊272 resolution, which massively enhances the framerate while negative impact from the lower resolution is minimal.

Other changes from this release (from the changelog):

  • Updated to latest ioquake3 source.
  • Updated to latest vitaGL source.
  • Added MSAA 4x support (always active).
  • Improved performances and resource consumption of the renderer.
  • Added OpenArena support (NOTE: Read the updated first post), it will be fully playable since itís a free alternative to Quake III.

Download VitaQuake III

You can download VitaQuake III from VitaDB here. You will (of course) need a hacked PS Vita in order to run this port.