While the DosBox emulator is one of the most popular emulators around, the Switch and PSVita ports of it didn’t see as much love as other emulators.

Due to this, dynarec wasn’t working on both these ports but now, m4wx decided to change things a bit and has been to get DosBox’s aarch64 (ARM 64) dynamic recompiler (dynarec) working on the Switch. This means that many more MS-DOS games, such as WarCraft 2 (below) and Settlers 2, run great and performance in Windows 95/98/ME is probably much better which means that some older Windows games may be playable on the Switch!
Switching focus to the PSVita, its DosBox port is also seeing some love as frangar pushed some commits to GitHub relating to dynarec support. As of right now, no official word has been given on the state of DosBox’s dynarec on the Vita but MS-DOS/Windows 9x emulation on the device might get a significant improvement soon!

The Switch builds of DosBox with dynarec aren’t publicly available as of right now and are only available in beta form for Patreon supports of m4wx or rsn8887. That being said, they’ll probably be made available to everybody in the coming days/weeks as both developers are big contributors to the homebrew community.