If you aren’t a big fan of RetroArch and prefer standalone emulators for the Switch, then you’ve got some updates to install as 3 important emulators have just been updated! These are Cpasjuste’s pNES, pSNES and pFBA, all mature emulators that have been around since last year.

These updates (v3.1) apply to all three emulators and are available for both the Switch and Linux; they include:

  • Support for zipped skins so you can have a more organised skins folder and save a bit of space along some other minor updates
    • You may now select the skin of your choice from the main menu

  • The save state menu received numerous bug fixes and is now able to return to the main menu when pressing the back button successfully among other things
  • On the Switch, you can press the joystick on the left joycon for START and the joystick on the right joycon for SELECT
  • The Force_60HZ option is not automatically applied, the auto interpolation options and NeoGeo BIOS selection have been fixed (Included in pFBA only through a separate v3.3 release)

To grab these updated emulators, simply download the ZIP files from this link for the platform you want (Switch/Linux) and enjoy! Make sure you get version 3.3 of pFBA as it’s not included in the pEMU 3.1 release collection.